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Spain, with 505,940 km2 and a population of more than 47 million, is the third European country in surface, the fourth in population, and its economy is the fourth-largest

Expectations for employment are positive for the 2023. Currently, the activity areas with shortages in Spain are the following:

Information technology: telecommunications engineers, data programmers and analysts, programmers, cybersecurity specialists, artificial intelligence, big data, digital strategy, creation of digital content, web analyst, data analyst and data scientist, chief digital officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief client officer, chief information officer and software developer.

Internationalisation: Experts in foreign trade and internationalisation of companies, experts in taxation and international law.

Commerce and e-commerce: telephone operator, retail industry, promotion and logistics at point of sale, customer service assistant.

Transport and logistic: truck driver, deliver driver.

Health sector: doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and mental health specialists.

Industrial sector: renewable energies, engineers, energy efficiency specialists and nanotechnology technicians.

Construction sector (qualified workers): steel workers, facade, experts, and tile installers and finishers.

On the other hand, there are also surpluses in the Spanish labour market. In general, these are mainly in low-skilled jobs: manufacturing industrial workers, administrative support staff, shop assistants, warehouse assistants, stock clerks, waiters, receptionists, cashiers and maid and domestic cleaners.

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Contact us: EURES - The EURES Chat - Comisión Europea (

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