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Roman Coloseum, sunset and EURES 30th Anniversary logotype

EURES Italy for Employers' Day 2024

Special edition EURES 30th Anniversary
Esemény dátuma:
13 november 2024
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Welcome to EURES Italy for Employers' Day 2024 - 30th anniversary edition!

30 years of success in connecting talent and job opportunities: we are excited to celebrate this milestone with you.

On this special day, we celebrate EU PES, employers and jobseekers, building a bridge between European talent and the best opportunities in all EU countries.

👉 Are you an EMPLOYER? 
We are here to support your recruitment needs and help you find the perfect candidate for your company. By registering a company profile, you will be able to:

if you are an Italian Employer: directly promote job offers through your own virtual stand and meet your staff shortages; or by contacting the relevant Employment Services.
If you are a European Employer: promote your job offers on your own Country stand, contacting in advance the EURES adviser in your own country.

✔ browse participants' CVs and schedule online job interviews with candidates from European countries,

✔ during the event, receive advice on the recruitment process.

Register for the event now and get in touch with qualified candidates from all over Europe!

👉 Are you a JOBSEEKER? 
We are here to improve your talents! By registering a profile as a candidate, you will be able to:

✔ apply for vacancies: Browse Italian job offers directly on the stands of companies or Employment Services. Job offers for other European positions will be available at the stands of the Countries you are interested in.

✔ Networking with companies from all over Europe and scheduling online job interviews

✔ Visit exhibitors' stands.