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Norsjö Municipality

The best everyday life in the world

When the inhabitants of Norsjö have had to think for themselves why this region is so good to live, live and work in, one expression has come up again and again: The best everyday life in the world.

A lovingly cocky expression that arouses curiosity and points to something very important: If the whole year - yes, the whole life - mostly consists of weekdays, then Norsjöbygden has something to offer that builds pride in those of us who already live here and arouses longing in the who wish for a life where the puzzle of life and everyday life can really go together.

What do we mean by everyday?

We mean all days, weekdays and holidays. Simply the best day in the world. Yes, we all dream of that holiday week, that breathtaking weekend or that shopping trip to some exciting big city. Even us Norsjö residents.

But then it's nice to know that when Monday comes, we're the ones who have a head start. Here there is proximity to everything that is important in everyday life. Here is the community, the opportunities, nature and the ingredients for a healthy, sustainable life. And we don't want to be self-serving.

The goal is for Norsjöbygden to grow.

There is room and conditions here for more Norsjö residents, more companies and more initiatives that enrich everyday life. And you and I have an important task; Let's help each other, let's all become ambassadors for our area by building pride and welcoming new Norsjö residents and businesses who also want a better everyday life.

Now we will lift Norsjöbygden to new heights. You and I have an important task here. By sowing a seed. To tell about all the positive things that are going on and that most days of the year are actually days that are unusually good in the Norsjö region.

Now things are happening!

Can you feel it starting to sprout? After all the work with focus groups and conversations, it's now time to tell everyone where the world's best everyday life is. For family and friends. 

We all have an important task here. As a municipality. As an entrepreneur. As a representative of one of the roughly 150 associations and churches in the area. And of course as an ordinary private person.

We all help each other to pull in the right direction: A growing Norsjö.


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Sofie From

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Norsjö Municipality

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