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In the Municipality of Ludvika we put our children first! Most of our resources focus on children and that is why we have gathered these services all under the same roof in one administration. Pre-school, Primary school, Special school, Personal and Family consultation. Together we innovate, develop, and improve our organization in order to offer the children and youth in our municipality the best possible environment to grow up in. 

The Municipality of Ludvika is situated in the Southern region of County Dalarna, Northeast of Stockholm, approximately a 2 hours drive from Arlanda Airport Stockholm. Dalarna is a rural county, with rolling hills, lakes and the typical Swedish red houses with white framed windows. Ludvika is a Municipality where you find an impressive variety of nationalities and cultures.

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You will be a part of a teaching team for children 1-5 yro, together with your team you are responsible for planning, day-time routines, documentation, and evaluation according to our Curriculum for Pre-school.

Together with your team you create a safe environment where the needs and interest of the child is in the center. We think it is important that our children can influence and be a part of creating the teaching moments and school environment.

You create a safe and warm environment for the children which is fun and challenging at the same time, which encourages curiosity to want to play and learn.

It is easy for you to maintain an open and easy dialog with parents, caregivers and of course your colleagues.

We are looking for candidates who have a good way in communicating, teamplayers, organized, creative, flexible and who love the Swedish outdoors.

We want to make the most of your stay with us. Of course we help out with housing and find your way in our community. Because we spend a serious amount of time in the outdoors, not only on the job but also in spare time, rain or shine (or snow), we provide our staff with warm winter clothes. 

Start date from Autumn 2022

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