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General information


Croatia is a small country with rich history. Charming historical towns, beautiful mountains, dramatic landscapes, blue Adriatic Sea, amazing waterfalls and wonderful national parks have made Croatia recognizable for its natural beauty. The pleasant climate, high quality of life and low rates of crime ensure that Croatia is a perfect place to live and work in.


Къде са свободните работни места?

Labour shortages at national level in following professions:

  • Bricklayer, carpenter, concrete placer, concrete finisher, welder, plasterer, house builders, earth moving and related plant operator, stonemason, crane operator, cabinet-maker, building construction labourer,  civil engineering labourer,  pipe fitter, painter, roofer,  plumber, building repairs electrician,  refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installer, insulation worker,  fitter of metal structures, tile setter, floor layer,  insulation installer, tinsmith, locksmith, electrical mechanic,  electrician
  • Heavy truck and lorry driver, motor vehicle mechanics, spray painters, sheet metal workers
  • Chef, butcher, baker, pastry chef
  • Computer programmer, UI designer, system administrator.


Къде са наличните работници?

At the national level, occupations with a high unemployment rate are the following:

  • Photographer
  • Economist, business secretary, administrative clerk
  • Graphic technician
  • Ecology technician
  • Fashion technician
  • Hotel front desk clerk


Кратък преглед на пазара на труда
  • Croatia is a medium-sized European country, geographically located at the crossing from Central to Southeast Europe.
  • According to the 2021 census, Croatia had 3,888,529 inhabitants.
  • Based on the labour force survey, it is estimated that in the third quarter of 2023 the number of working age inhabitants (aged 15 and over) was 3,262,000 and the number of employees was 1,602,000.
  • The unemployment rate in the third quarter of 2023 was 5.5%.
  • In 2023 economic recovery continued ; real GDP growth is estimated to have been around 2,3 % in 2023.
  • The average net salary paid in 2023 was EUR 1.144,00
  • The needs of the labour market in Croatia are analyzed by the Croatian Employment Service. The labour market is characterised by a shortage of workers in some professions, partly due to emigration to other Member States of the European Union.
  • Croatia is divided into four NUTS regions: Pannonian Croatia, Adriatic Croatia, The City of Zagreb and Northern Croatia.


Hot jobs

Top 10 of the most required occupations in Croatia: 

1.     Salesperson  (ISCO 5223)
2.    Waiter    (ISCO 5131)
3.    Cook    (ISCO 5120)
4.    Cleaner    (ISCO 9112)
5.    Nurse    (ISCO 3221)
6.   Warehouse worker    (ISCO 4321)
7.    Kitchen assistant    (ISCO 9412)
8.    Heavy truck and lorry driver    (ISCO 8332)
9.    Receptionist (general)    (ISCO 4226)
10.   Home care worker   (ISCO 5322) 

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