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Seize the Summer with EURES 2022

Дата на събитието:
22 March 2022
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За събитието

Are you a young European willing to work in entertainment, dancing, acting, fitness, sports or leisure activities with children? Are you qualified or experienced in Tourism, Hospitality or Catering? Looking for some experience abroad?

Do you want to spend your Summer in one of the most attractive European destinations, meet new people and have the time of your life?

After a little break, Seize the Summer with EURES is now back!

Together we aim to put jobseekers from all EU/EEA countries in touch with employers from southern Europe countries (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain) looking for motivated staff with different language skills and backgrounds, willing to work during the 2022 Summer season.


As a jobseeker, you can register prior to the event, browse through participating employers and apply for vacant positions. During the event, you may:

  • follow interesting presentations about living and working in the Tourism sector, in specific southern European countries, and maybe get to know what employers are looking for and what they have on offer
  • be invited for one or more online interviews with employers
  • get one-to-one advice from EURES staff on living and working conditions in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, as well as on available mobility schemes


If you are an employer, the event will be an ideal opportunity for you to promote your recruitment needs throughout Europe and meet a wide range of jobseekers with different language skills, qualifications and experience. In these uncertain times, we’re taking the initiative to prevent you from needing extra staff when the season is nearer.

The event is exclusively focused on Tourism, Hospitality and Catering employers based in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.


We look forward to welcoming you on 22 March 2022 on!


Don’t miss the chance to Seize the Summer in 2022 with EURES!


The Agenda is already available!

On March 22nd, we will have a Programme during the day aimed at informing you about possibilites on offer in the participating countries. You will get informed about finding a job, living and working in each of these countries - particularly in the Tourism, Hospitality and Catering sector.

We will also introduce you to EURES mobility schemes, which may help you on the move (if you get a contract longer than 6 months).

If you're interested in a particular country, check the Agenda and make sure to save the date and time.


Over 150 employers have already joined Seize the Summer!

Yes, this is true!

Definitely the Tourism, Hospitality and Catering sector is looking for you!

Currently we have over 150 employers participating in this event. An all-time record.

We have hotels, restaurants, campings, SPAs, entertaining / animation services, cruise ships, customer service, among others.

And this in 9 Southern Europe countries: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Have you already visited their pages? Starting having a sneak, choosing the ones you want to contact on the day - and consider applying for their jobs.

Let's go! 


Nearly 350 jobs waiting 4U!

Did you notice that we already have nearly 350 jobs (with over 4000 vacant positions) available for Seize the Summer with EURES? And many more will be made available up until the event day!

You can find opportunities for:

  • Tourist & Hotel Entertainers, Youth Entertainers, Sports and Fitness Instructors
  • Chefs, Cooks, Pastry-Cooks, Kitchen Helpers, Dishwashers
  • Waiters, Bartenders
  • Hotel Receptionists, Night Auditors
  • SPA Therapists, Masseurs
  • Pool Supervisors / Maintenance Keepers
  • Photographers
  • Tour / Nature Guides
  • Booking Agents / Customer Support

among many others!

And this in 9 different countries: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Why not have a look?

Search for the jobs suiting your profile and APPLY before the event. You might be invited for an interview on the day!

Haven't you registered to participate yet? You can do so HERE

(if you already have an account in the platform, you should login and join this event)