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24 Outubro 2024
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Em linha
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Welcome to SWEDISH DAY 2024 and sessions on 24th of October 13.00-16.30 (CET).

Swedish employers are experiencing a huge demand of skilled talents.
We will offer you Pre-sessions to prepare you to get the best out of Swedish Day. On the event day you can attend Sessions and be able to meet the employers live, listen to their presentations and ask your questions.

Are you a professional within the following sectors there will be several possibilities to find work through this recruitment event.

  • Academic careers (PhD, Fellowships and others)
  • Animal care (Newly graduated & experienced Veterinarians)
  • Education (Primary School Teachers & Preschool Teachers)
  • Engineering (Engineers within Mineral, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Process, Mining, Technology, Maintenance, Environment, Quality, Geologists, Maintenance Technicians, Metallurgists, Material handlers, Project Management)
  • Health specialists (Specialist doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Physiotherapists)
  • Hospitality (Chefs, Bakers, Pastry Chefs and Waiters/Waitresses)
  • IT (Backend Developers, C#/.NET Software Developers, App Developers, Senior Software Developers, Front End Developers, Software Developers, Project Managers)
  • Skilled Labour Professionals (Mechanics/Welders, Machine Mechanics, Industrial Mechanics, Truck Technicians and Bus Technicians, Process Operators, Production Operators)

We want to help you find the right employer and the right job offer in Sweden. Therefor we will offer you registered as Jobseeker, 2 Pre-sessions each week starting from the beginning of October.
In these Pre-sessions we will tell you more about participating employers and their job-offers. We will also provide you with useful information about living and working conditions in Sweden.
We strongly recommend you too participate in these Pre-sessions if you want to improve your chances to the job you want in Sweden.

Swedish Day 2024, 24th of October 13.00-16.30 CET
During the event-day we will offer you group Sessions with participating employers. At these Sessions you will be able to meet, interact and listen to what the employers have to offer.
Our team of Eures-Advisers will also broadcast live telling you more about living and working conditions in Sweden. During this broadcast you will also be able to ask us questions by using the chat tool.

More about this event
The Swedish Public Employment Service EURES is arranging this online recruitment event to provide you with the chance to take your career to the next level or to challenge yourself to a new career path!
Start exploring how you can take your personal and work life in a new, positive direction. Join the event, register, submit your application, talk with employers, have an interview, and get a job.

Apply for posted jobs in advance!
We advise you to apply for published job vacancies. Please make sure the job is genuinely interesting to you and you match the requirements listed in the advertisement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to find your dream job in Sweden!