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Today's dream, tomorrow's reality

30 years of moving abroad with EURES
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22 Październik 2024
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You are a citizen of an EU country, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway and you want to completely change the direction you are going?

You want to improve the quality of your life by living in another country in Europe. To work or to study. Alone or together with your family. That is a decision you do not make lightly. There is so much involved. EURES can help you with that. 

How? By joining our special event. On Tuesday the 22nd of October from 9 am to 5 pm, EURES is organizing a full-day online information event. A delegation of professional EURES advisors from countries all over the EU is represented to support you. The country of your destination is undoubtedly there as well. You can speak with EURES advisors, attend presentations about living and working conditions and possibly talk to people who already took their life changing step. You will learn so much more about the country of your choice. And this can be done all day long. 

EURES is making a big splash with this spectacular event. We have been around for 30 years this year. And that we celebrate with this large-scale event. Over a thousand of EU citizens will participate. We can undoubtedly answer many of your questions. If this does not work immediately, we will make a follow-up appointment with you.

Do not let anything hold you back and grab this opportunity with both your hands. It may be the first step that makes your dream come true.