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Mall of Norway´s first store, Saga Souvenir, opened in Flåm, Norway in 1994. This is a family owned company. During the busiest months of the year, people from entire Europe come to work for Mall of Norway, in a fast-paced, fun and truly international team that works hard to service the estimated 1.4 million visitors to Flåm each year. The business started out as a souvenir shop, but through high ambitions and hard work, Saga Souvenir grew into a premium stockist of all things Norwegian, and is now called Mall of Norway. We are proud of ourselves having something for everyone. Be it a fridge magnet with a Flåm motif printed on, to locally handmade wool scarves, to Norwegian designer clothing.

Currently we have open vacancies for shop assistant positions in different departments (clothes, jewelry, etc.) as well as warehouse employees.

Join us in 2024! It will be a marvelous journey together!

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Mall of Norway / Saga Souvenir AS | +47 57 11 00 11


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