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The aim of EURES is to facilitate the free movement of workers between EU/ EEA countries.

16 Irish EURES Advisers can give you personalised advice and information on job search in Ireland, Irish labour market, living and working conditions and all necessary preparations that will help with your successful move to Ireland.


European Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)

Makes it easier to relocate for work in Europe!

European Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) is a European Union job mobility scheme which offers financial assistance to EU citizens aged 18+ in relocating for work or travelling to an Interview in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. It also assists employers interested in recruiting for hard to fill vacancies from another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

Ireland is currently partnered with Sweden for this European Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) on behalf of the EU

Are you thinking of working in another European country?

European Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) offers support in taking up employment in the EU, Norway or Iceland including:

  • financial support (allowances for travel to an interview and/or relocation to another country for work)
  • Other available allowances are language training allowance (if required), family support, supplementary and recognition of qualifications
  • information on living and working abroad

You must apply for financial support before you leave your country and before the starting date of your new job/interview date. You cannot apply after you have moved to your new country of work.

For more information and to apply:


Phone number: 00353 1 673 2739

EURES Ireland provides information, advice and recruitment/placement (job matching) services for anyone interested in the European Labour Market.

EURES Ireland services:

  • Information and advice on job searching in Europe
  • Job matching and recruitment assistance
  • Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) / Financial supports

Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS):

Jobseekers/Jobchangers moving to Ireland or another European country to work can apply for financial supports through EURES Ireland.

The allowances for Ireland are:

1.         Interview Reimbursement Allowance for travel and accommodation costs

Between €100-€350 depending on one-way distance travelled to the interview,                

>50Km = €100,                                                         

>250Km = €250                                                             

>500Km = €350

In addition a daily subsistence allowance is also paid for up to a max of 5 days @ €50 per day (€25 per half day)

2.         Relocation Allowance & Family allowance

A partial reimbursement of the costs of travel and initial accommodation expenses when moving to another country for employment. These allowances maybe extended to a spouse/partner and each child who is also relocating with the main applicant, e.g. The Individual rate of €1,120 applies for an applicant moving to Ireland,

3.         Language Training allowance – up to a max of €2,000

The allowances vary depending on the European country you are moving to.

Please note that you must apply before you leave your country of origin/residence.

With improving performance in all sectors of the economy, skills shortages appear across a range of occupations including:



ICT sector in Ireland

ICT is a key growth sector for Ireland and its availability of highly skilled IT professionals has attracted many high profile companies that continue to reinvest.

For more information on ICT sector in Ireland visit:


Hot jobs

The most in-demand jobs in Ireland are:

1.    Technology: Java Software Engineers / Developers

2.    Healthcare Proffessionals  

3.    Financial Services – Risk & compliance professionals within Asset Management

4.    Insurance – compliance professionals

5.    Languages – Multilingual professionals

6.    Marketing – Content Marketing Professionals

7.    Sales – Business Developers & Account Managers

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