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Digit’allJobs moving Europe

Esemény dátuma:
20 május 2021
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Welcome to ‘Digit'allJobs moving Europe’!

ICT European Online Job Day


Are you a professional with ICT/ digital skills and looking for a career boost abroad?

Or (why not?!) an opportunity allowing you to work from… anywhere in Europe?


With this event, EURES aims to bring together jobseekers/ job changers and employers from the ICT & Digital sector across Europe.


1.     Find and apply for jobs

In advance of the event you will be able to go through employers’ bios, search hundreds of job opportunities and apply for those matching your profile. As a result, you may then be invited for one or more interviews.

2.     Step by step to succeed

On May 20th (10.00-14.30 CEST) you can join us online and follow a programme of interesting presentations, workshops, testimonials and talks by Digital sector, labour market and mobility experts, employers, decision makers and successful professionals.

There will be topics such as digital skills & the future of work, smart ways of working, digital nomads & co-working services, recruiting and keeping a work relationship across borders, related duties and rights, mobility supporting schemes, among others.

In parallel, you can as well go through on-demand presentations about specific countries & employers, what they are looking for and what they can offer you in return.

3.     Talk to us!

On the day, you can chat online (10.00-16:00 CEST) with employers and get one-to-one advice from EURES Advisers in several European countries, on your career move projects and related practicalities.

During the Programme, you can also ask questions and add your input at the Q&A session after each presentation.

To participate, you need to register prior to the event:

  • click here to create a new account in this platform and register for the event
  • or log in to your old account if you already have one to join.

Don’t forget to upload your CV and complete your registration with basic contact details. By doing so, you will increase your chances of being invited for an interview.


Are you an employer with ICT/ digital recruitment needs and

looking for talented candidates that may be out of your local reach?

A range of recruitment services will be available from the moment you register, including the publishing of your vacancies on the event’s website, automated matching and interview scheduling in advance of the event. Jobseekers will also be waiting to speak to you on the day.

The event will be widely promoted across Europe, among the digital & ICT communities, through targeted social media campaigns and online platforms.

To participate in the event, you need to register and upload your jobs well in advance.

The registration for jobseekers will open on April 20th and from that day they will be able to apply for your jobs.

In order to register to the event:

  • click here to create a new account in this platform and register for the event
  • or log in to your old account if you already have one to join.


SAVE THE DATE and join us online on May 20th, 2021!


For more information email:


Have you applied for jobs yet? 54 employers and over 250 positions available for you!

54 employers registered for the event so far with over 250 positions available. Make sure that you apply for all suitable jobs before the day of the event! Employers can only view your CV and invite you for a job interview if you apply for their jobs.