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At United Solutions we offer a tailor designed package that will support you from start to end and make you stand out.

This is how:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Practical knowledge
  • Individual coach
  • CV formatting
  • Interview preparation
  • Onboarding
  • Probationary period support

We have extensive experience in the fund industry and provide support to enthusiasts of this industry. There is a broad spectrum of opportunities varying from Fund Admin, Transfer Agency, Accounting, Depositary, Company Secretary, KYC/AML, Compliance to Portfolio Management.

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Our Fund Career Program extends to countries worldwide as there is great demand for alternative investments globally, for example in countries like Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Jersey, Guernsey, and major cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York. With the right profile, endorsement and support, all these major hubs come into question.

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About company

At United Solutions we make the difference.It is our main objective to unite the fund community by managing all interests of all groups in the best possible way.A career in funds can be very lucrative in terms of the available job opportunities now and in the future, but also because of the variety of career paths.There are different departments such as:accountingtransfer agencydepositarycorporate secretaryfund administrationlegalcomplianceonboardingAIFMportfolio managementWorking in or with these different departments to ensure the smooth running of the fund operations is extremely exciting as you work closely with people from different backgrounds. You also work with different… Read more