At United Solutions we make the difference.

It is our main objective to unite the fund community by managing all interests of all groups in the best possible way.

A career in funds can be very lucrative in terms of the available job opportunities now and in the future, but also because of the variety of career paths.

There are different departments such as:

  • accounting
  • transfer agency
  • depositary
  • corporate secretary
  • fund administration
  • legal
  • compliance
  • onboarding
  • AIFM
  • portfolio management

Working in or with these different departments to ensure the smooth running of the fund operations is extremely exciting as you work closely with people from different backgrounds. You also work with different clients and business partners in various countries.

Our team consists of fund industry specialists with great experience in the fund industry, transfer pricing/tax, sales and business development. This is the perfect mix to set the right scene for individuals interested to pursue a career in this industry.

At United Solutions, it is our aim to ensure long term growth and stability by investing in your knowledge and continued development. The key to your and our success is to give you the fundamentals and know-how for a long and prosperous career. It is in the DNA of United Solutions to guide you through your journey and maximising your potential at all times.

The correct career path is absolutely essential. Also, ensuring that you have a strong training and coaching package will lead to an easier entry to the market.

This means no longer being turned away by agencies for positions that you are interested in.

Our team has over ten years of experience in the fund industry working in the UK, Malta and Luxembourg. Throughout these years, we were working with hundreds of people – colleagues and clients from different backgrounds and working themselves in different countries mainly in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


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