Worldwide, Grundfos employs 19,000 people. We offer career-building job opportunities within engineering, business and marketing, sales, research and production.

Working for a more sustainable future Grundfos needs people who are ready to put their energy and skills into confronting some of the major challenges that the world faces. Climate change. A fast growing world population. And a rapidly increasing rate of urbanisation as exemplified by the awe-inspiring megacities. Alongside this, a growing middle class around the world expects to see their level of comfort rise. These challenges are already putting serious pressure on infrastructure and natural resources. To avoid the worst of the consequences, Grundfos has made sustainability a top priority.We believe it is important to act now.

Perhaps you can help us use our existing technology and insight to make a difference. Perhaps you have the key to finding new ways. We would like to hear from you. See if there is a job for you today. Explore more about Grundfos on


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