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Navitas Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of Spanish qualified job seekers interested in working in Ireland.

  • All the contracts we offer are for a minimum of 9 months.
  • We offer assistance with relocation paperwork to all the candidates who secure jobs with our collaborating companies.
  • We also help in securing accommodation prior to arrival.

With offices in Ireland and Spain, we ensure candidates have a safe and secure way of finding work, avoiding them stress and bad experiences upon arrival.

We only work with reputable companies, who pay the correct rates and who care about their employees.

Hot jobs

  • Creche workers
  • Horse groomers and trainers
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10 October 2023
Career opportunities in Hospitality and Childcare
Participating: Online & Onsite
11 May 2023
Jobs in construction and engineering
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23 February 2023
Irish Recruitment Day in Seville
Participating: Online & Onsite
17 November 2022
Irish Recruitment Day in Spain
Participating: Online