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Building Ireland

Jobs in construction and engineering
Event date:
11 May 2023
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About this event

Click here to download a breakdown of the job vacancies by sector, experience, English language skills. 


Are you interested in job opportunities in the construction industry?

Construction is a sector with a lot of job opportunities. Under the Irish government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan, 33,000 new housing units are to be delivered each year to 2030. Ireland will need 7,500 additional workers in this sector each year.

‘Building Ireland’ Online recruitment day is a great opportunity for you to find a job in the construction and engineering sector.


1. Browse and apply for jobs before the event.

Register in advance, upload your CV and apply for any suitable jobs advertised for this event. Employers will review your applications and can invite you for an online job interview. To register – click here or watch this video tutorial.

2. Find out how to succeed in finding a job in Ireland

On 11th of May you can join the online interviews with employers and virtually attend a programme of interesting presentations. You can watch employers’ presentations, learn about living and working conditions in Ireland, financial grants available to you if you move for work in Ireland and get some help with the application process.

3. Talk to us!

Chat online with employers and ask questions during a Q&A session after each presentation.

In order to participate online, you need to register for the event in advance. Click here to create a new account and register for the event or log in to your account if you already have one to join.


Are you an Irish employer looking for candidates from across the EU?

A range of recruitment services will be available to employers, including publishing vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening/ matching / interview scheduling in advance of the event and jobseekers will be waiting to speak with you on the day. The event will be widely advertised in Europe through targeted social media campaigns, social media platforms and online. It will be also available to attend for all jobseekers from Europe and outside of EU/EEA who register on the European Job Days platform.

In order to participate in the online event, you need to register and upload your jobs in advance of the event. The registration for jobseekers will open on 11th of April and from that day we will promote your jobs to jobseekers in Ireland and across Europe.


Save the date and join us online on 11th May 2023!

For more information email:


Deadline for job applications: 14th May

You can submit your application for jobs advertised for this event until end of Sunday, 14th May or email your CV to for other job opportunities in the construction sector in Ireland.


Your Checklist before the event

28 Irish employers have joined the event, with over 90 job opportunities (over 333 vacant positions) waiting for you to apply.

Please see below some important details that you should keep in mind before joining the online event:

  1. Apply for all suitable positions before the day of the event – employers cannot view your CV if you do not apply for their jobs
  2. Have your CV in English uploaded
  3. Apply only for those jobs that you are qualified to do (you have relevant skills and experience)
  4. Log in to  regularly to check ‘Notifications’ or check your email to see if you have any interview invitations pending and confirm your availability for online interview
  5. Get ready for your online interview before the day of the interview: Check ‘How to join a job interview’ on your dashboard when you log in to  

During and after the event:

  1. Follow the presentations of interest to you: you can see the agenda here:
  2. Use ‘one – to- one’ private chat with exhibitors if you have questions to employers
  3. If you are invited for an interview - log in and join your virtual interview
  4. You can still apply for jobs and get the online interview with employers on 12th May or after the event

Wishing you a successful event!