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Mora municipality, County Dalarna, Sweden

Mora lies with on shores of lake Siljan in central Sweden, approximately 3:15 hrs by train from Stockholms Airport, Arlanda. Mora is proud of their Cross-Country Skiing legacy and recently celebrated 100 years Vasaloppet, which is the longest cross country skiing race in the world. Mora is also the home of the Dala-horse and painter/artist Anders Zorn. Here you will find stunning nature, a rolling landscape and clear freshwater lakes, clean air and lot’s of space.

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The Municipality of Mora is interested to get in contact with Pre-school Teacher for their pre-schools in Mora.


Together with you colleagues you:

  • Plan, implement, evaluate and develop the education on our preschool according to the Curriculum of the preschool which is decided by the Government. It consists of two parts, ‘The fundamental values and tasks of the preschool’ and ‘Goals and Guidelines’.  To understand the mission of the preschool education it is important to read the two parts of the curriculum together.
  • Create a safe and forgiving environment for the children which is fun and challenging at the same time.
  • Create an environment which encourages curiosity to want to play and learn
  • Create an atmosphere for an open and easy dialog with parents and caregivers.

We are looking for candidates who have a good way in communicating, teamplayers, organized, creative, flexible and who love the Swedish outdoors.

We want to offer you an unforgettable time in Mora, we help out with housing, and because we think it is important to stay healthy we offer discounts to various workouts. Because we spend a serious amount of time in the outdoors, even in wintertime, we provide our staff with warm winter clothes.  

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27 October 2022
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