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Autohellas has been active in the automobile sector since 1974 and has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1999. It is the original company and a member of the larger Th. Vassilakis Group, which operates, inter alia, in the air transport industry through the listed company AEGEAN Airlines.

Autohellas, along with its subsidiaries, constitutes the Group. The main pillars on which the group’s activities are based are the following:

  • Rent a Car (Renting and Operating Leasing) in Greece
  • Car sales (Importing /Distribution / Retail) in Greece
  • International Car Rental and Sales activities.

With a fleet of vehicles, with more than 57,000 vehicles and over 160 sales points in Greece and abroad. The Group provides integrated and innovative services meeting the needs of every customer in the automotive field, and it continues to innovate, always offering new services.

At the heart of the Autohellas Group’s operations is its Human Resources, which now exceeds 1,800 people in Greece and abroad.

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