Club Med: Founder of the Club vacation and all-inclusive holidays

Since it was founded in 1950, Club Med has become the global specialist in all-inclusive holiday packages, focused on luxury, friendly and multicultural holidays. With 66 resorts worldwide located in some of the most beautiful sites in the world, and 1,2 Million customers every year, Club Med is now, more than ever, synonymous with dreams and happiness.

G.Os : Ambassadors of the Club Med spirit

Each year more than 5000 employees are recruited in Europe–Africa in a 100 different positions. The richness and plurality of the roles available in the villages can satisfy numerous career ambitions.

The role of a G.O is a Club Med invention from 60 years ago. It is unique. G.Os are the real ambassadors of Club Med’s spirit and embody the 5 corporate values: pioneering spirit, kindness, freedom, responsibility and multiculturalism.

"At Club Med, kindness is a profession in its own right and that profession is more than a job, it's a lifestyle, its a form of life", Gilbert Trigano, one of the founders.

Their attitude adds to their professionalism. They have a sense of customer service and pay personal attention to each customer. Passionate and always smiling, they embody ‘joie de vivre’ and know how to communicate. Curious about others, they are able to adapt to the different personalities and cultures that they meet. G.Os are open to the world around them, and respectful of each person’s differences. Their life skills and sophistication allow them to accompany Club Med’s upmarket move. The G.Os’ talents, their unique way of establishing polite and friendly relations, are essential. This is why, above all, G.Os create connections within the village. In this way, as a member of a “family” gathering hundreds of nationalities across 25 countries, each G.O demonstrates an openness and curiosity about the world.

5 qualities shared by all G.Os

More than 20,000 employees throughout the world and just as many individuals… Every Club Med G.O has a unique personality, but all share 5 common strengths: enthusiasm, sense of service, relationship building, fun and talent. The 3 first are “essential” qualities from the moment of recruitment and the 2 last strengths are “bonus” qualities which can also be developed in the villages

This wise combination of professionalism and friendliness is what we call the Club Med spirit…



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