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In Region Kronoberg you can thrive, grow and influence. Here you grow both as a person and in your professional role. Together we work to achieve the vision of "a good life in a vibrant county".

Kronoberg is known for forests, lakes, glass and furniture - but also a rich cultural life with theater, museums, art and film. Here you can live in a safe small town, in the countryside or in a modern urban environment. Residence city of Växjö has about 100 000 inhabitants. It has a University and an airport with both domestic and international flights.

In Kronoberg there are two hospitals: the Central Hospital Växjö with about 320 beds and Ljungby Hospital with about 120 beds and totally 7000 coworkers. We offer care center placements in various sizes in both urban and rural areas on one of our 33 health centers. It is a moderately large hospital where you will be seen as a doctor or nurse and has great opportunities for personal and professional growth!



Steve Nordström, mob +46 708 567 387, mail

Malin Falkström, mob +46 709 844 497, mail 

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