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We are an organization for Youth welfare with many different working spaces. We offer inpatient and partstationary care for children from 6 up to 18 years, Mother-Child-Care, Refugee aid, outpatient family care and perform support for care leavers. Our organization provides stationary places for 280 children. We are decentralized organized around the Mosel River and surrounded from one of the most beautiful german landscapes. The children live in groups of 10 supported by 5 to 7 educators. We deal with emotional and psychical injury. So trauma education and systemic family analysis are the main pillars of our concept. Every day we try to create a save place for every child in our care. We employ about 300 educator and social worker. If You like to take responsibility for young people and accompany them for a important life section we should get in contact.

Hot jobs

  • Team leader for a residential group in D-54472 Veldenz, educator or social worker
  •  Educational staff for a residential group in D-54497 Morbach, educator or social worker
  •  Educational staff for a residential group in D-54472 Brauneberg, educator or social worker



Nicole Lenz
Ev. Erziehungshilfe Veldenz
Schlossstraße 1-2
54772 Veldenz
phone: +49 175 7228767


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