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Badia di Pomaio is a former monastery that was recently turned into a 5-star Boutique hotel. From its perch on the mountainside, surrounded by woods and nature, it proudly overlooks the valley around the city of Arezzo. The countryside stretches as far as the eye can reach and the view of Tuscany’s gently rolling hills is simply breath-taking. Guests can relax by our infinity pool, cradled by the tranquillity of the forest, or enjoy the richness of Italian food in our terrace, warmed by the sun. Here, where history and nature come together in an unexpected harmony, they will reconnect with the Earth and partake of the relaxed and genuine Mediterranean lifestyle. The sleek, contemporary design of the hotel merges seamlessly with the stone and wood of the ancient building. Guests will feel transported to another century, all the while benefiting from all the comforts of modern technology.



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21 - 22 Februar 2024
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09 März 2023
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