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CollectiveCrunch is a leader in the forest industry. We collect geospatial and process data and crunch this information into models for better prediction of forest inventories. By modeling forest risks and carbon storage, we work at the forefront of sustainability.

CollectiveCrunch originated from the idea that we could make a difference by combining climate and geo data with state-of-the-art analytics to develop new insights. Our mission is to bring useful innovation to the forestry industry. We do this using a data and analytics platform which models technical data in the climatic context. We provide our customers with radically new insights of unprecedented accuracy. CollectiveCrunch is a privately held AI as SaaS startup. The co-founders own the majority of the firm. Our external investors are about 20 angels and early-stage professional investors with substantial track-records as tech entrepreneurs, senior investors and more. We are an international team, with our co-founders coming from Austria, Finland and Germany. The team has eight different nationalities and seven different native languages. 

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