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In Ponte della Priula, on the banks of the river Piave, Giobatta Grigolin began his entrepreneurial adventure in the 1950s in an area with a deep-rooted tradition of lime production.


Having survived the Russian campaign, he invested his savings in an old American truck and used it to transport sawdust and river stones: fuel and raw material for the lime kilns that stood along the riverbed.

Since then, his moral strength, his intuition and his generosity have always been an example to the whole family, who have proudly accepted his splendid legacy.


The first Grigolin lime kiln went into operation in 1963 and after just three years production was tripled. The development that followed transformed the small family business into a major player in Italian industry.


At the end of the 80's, the development process began, characterised by the introduction of new products for the building trade and the construction of new plants and production facilities.


The range of products for the building industry is one of the widest and most specialised on the market, and continuous innovation in lime with various specialities enables the company to serve important companies in various production sectors, such as the iron and steel industry, agriculture, etc.


Today the company is present in Italy with 8 plants and 15 warehouses, in Germany it has been operating since 2003, there are 2 plants and 5 commercial branches, and finally in Switzerland there is a commercial branch in the Canton Ticino to guarantee an efficient service throughout the Swiss territory. 


Finally, in 2019, the Italcalce company in Terracina (LT) was acquired, specialising in the production of lime for industry, agriculture and construction.


In 2021, the organisation will have more than 400 operators including employees, technical-commercial officers and sales agents.

The company is already projected towards new territorial and organisational growth objectives.

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