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#BeWhy is hiring half-stack (junior) dev in Laravel...

Mainly focus on blade dev time, and some help just for backend Eloquent programming... So depending on your personality, more front|back-end, we can fix you up :D

Work can be remote, we follow Agille team-work-flow...

Main site to dev:

Detalhes da vaga
Domínio profissional:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duração da experiência profissional:
Up to 2 years
Competências linguísticas:
  • English
  • Fluent
  • Portuguese
  • Fluent
Intervalo salarial:
Not provided
Date of expiry:

Sobre a empresa

After a start-up as an IT-company, we evolved to a new concept/company, not just as IT development but as strategy managers, which use self-developed IT-solutions to bring extra value to any partner. We are seeking product managers, front-end designers and back-office developers... Saber mais