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Descrição da oferta de emprego

Life is looking for entertainers to be included in the most renowned tourist resorts for the summer season 2024. Immediate job offers for Greece, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Switzerland and Italy, with the possibility of working annually.

Excellent salary with company benefits and payment of salary every month at 100% on your account.

The figures we are looking for are the following:

-Chief entertainers
-Sector responsibles (mini clubs, sports, fitness. . )
-Mini club and youth club entertainers
-Sports entertainers
-Choreographers - dancers
-Dancers and singers for artistic cast

Requisitos do cargo


- Good knowledge of English and/or Russian

- Knowledge of another foreign language (German, French or Polish) is an asset



Life Agency offers:

1. Fixed-term contract including agreed remuneration
2. Food and accommodation
3. Flights included
4. Accident insurance
5. Taxes and tax documents released at the end of the season.
6. Kit uniform, corporate benefits


Detalhes da vaga
Domínio profissional:
Área de estudo:
Work experience:
Work experience is not required
Competências linguísticas:
  • English
  • Good
  • German
  • Good
  • Russian
  • Fluent
Intervalo salarial:
Not provided
Date of expiry:
Link for more information:

Sobre a empresa

Life Tourism & Consulting was founded by a group of professionals specialized in entertainment and international tourism assistance more than 20 years. Life mainly provides groups of hotel entertainers, animators and travel assistants for Italian and European tour operators and hotel chains in Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt and Switzerland.Our professionalism is based on our competence in hotel… Saber mais