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Work in Flanders - joint industry

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10 Março 2022
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Em linha
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Are you a skilled worker, ...looking for opportunities abroad?

Do you have an experienced background in  Maintenance, Processing, Food, Packaging, added value, Construction, line management, Operating, Printing, Metals, Chemicals, Life Science, Automotive,  …?

You have a strong interest in a TECH/industry speciality?

Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination?

The international employment service in Flanders is carefully, although courageously, looking forward to the future: We keep the European mobility dialogue open, especially during challenging times!

The Flemish labour market is jammed with exciting opportunities for skilled workers and engineering professionals, looking for durable and innovative opportunities in various industry areas.

We encourage all jobseekers  with the right skills, background and motivation to join our industry labour force now and become a part of our rising economic future!

Flanders, one of the 3 Belgian regions, is integrated in one of the most dynamic economic areas in Central Europe, keeping its growth trend since end-2013. It’s where the heart of technology beats and inventions for the future are given birth to every day.

However, employers keep facing shortages of qualified professionals, namely in Engineering, Construction Technology domains.

Mismatch and other economic challenges will, even more in a post-Covid 19 era, be part of our growing demand of specialized professionals in specific areas.

This is an opportunity for you to meet and make contact with Flemish employers while gaining insight on living and working in Belgium - and, of course, Flanders in particular.

Work in Flanders will give you a full support package for your job search in Flanders, Belgium.

You will be able to:

  • apply before the event for jobs matching your profile (only by doing so will you have the chance to be invited for one or more interviews)

  • on the job day:

    • follow the program online

    • Ask supplementary questions by chat to employers and advisors international mobility in Flanders

Want to join Work in Flanders 2022?