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Scambieuropei is a Cultural Association dedicated to youth formed by a group of young people specialized in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to: non-formal education, international cooperation, communication & marketing and social work. The mission of Scambieuropei is to provide and promote mobility opportunities for young people in order to help them improve their work and/or educational skills. It undertakes several initiatives to promote and enhance active European citizenship, intercultural communication, social integration, media and journalism.

Scambieuropei also serves as a recruiter and professional mediator, helping match young adults seeking employment with European companies and NGOs, activating EVS and internships throughout Europe. One of our main objectives is to promote the concept of “European citizenship” through the exchange of good practices and multicultural learning. That is why since 2010 we became an accredited EVS sending and coordinating organization.

Furthermore, Scambieuropei works with mobility activities for VET learners as hosting and coordinating organization. In this case, our aim is to provide young people with practical tools and knowledge about EU programs in order to develop their own initiatives.

Our portal attracts over 800.000 viewers per month, the number of followers on our Facebook page totals well over 100.000, while our newsletter has more than 26.000 monthly subscribers.


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04 april 2023
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Deelnemen: Online