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Foundry LIVARNA TITAN producescastings for wide range of industries and applications. Use of modern technologies, lean production processes and reach in-house know-how enable LIVARNA TITAN to satisfy the highest quality standards and achieve great flexibility in meeting customers’ individual needs.

LIVARNA TITAN is specialized foundry for white heart malleable iron, compliant with GTW 40, GTW 45, GTW 55 and GTW 38 W (featuring good welding properties) standards. Automatised and modern machine park contributes to our mission of being complete and reliable supplier of high quality products as well as socially and ecologically responsible company to all our stakeholders.

Hot jobs

- casting operator

- production manager (foundry, machnining, etc.)

- transport worker

- CNC operator

- electrician, electrical maintenance

- maintenance worker (machine repair)



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14 november 2023
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