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BetPokies reviews online casinos in Australia and New Zealand.  We specialize in covering the gambling industry in the most honest, accessible and transparent way possible. We are currently looking for a copywriter who understands the gambling industry. And we are thinking about creating a German version of the site, so that players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German-speaking regions can freely use our site. This is why we are expanding our team and looking for a copywriter for this site. The main thing is that the copywriter has to be able to write both in English and German. We hope to find such a person on

The specifics of our job

Remember to play responsibly? You should have a separate budget for gambling. In that case, you probably won't spend more than you can afford. When the games are no longer perceived as a pleasure, you should take a break from them. And after some time, when you have new spare funds, you can come back.

You should know that when you play at an online casino, you are risking your money. After all, unfortunately, there is always the possibility of losing, and most people lose their money gambling. If players weren't losing, the casino wouldn't be able to grow. Do you want to stop gambling and need help? Visit and we'll tell you exactly how to play without investing, just for fun. Take our no deposit bonuses page for instance (link) - which gives you all the info you need to play for fun for free.

Licenses and regulations

The legal regulations of online casinos, which govern their operation, are great. Practically, this means that the government sets rules for casinos that they must follow. These regulations allow players to play safely. They define what fair play means and how exactly a casino can promote its services.

An online casino must operate openly. When it comes to player returns, it must show real numbers. It should not impose on players the idea that they can get rich at the casino.

The licensing process for casino services differs from country to country. The casino applies for a license and provides all the necessary documents. If it provides proper quality services, it gets a license. This casino can now operate.

The governing body will then conduct regular inspections to ensure that the casino is fully compliant with the established level. This is why you should always check to see if the casino is licensed. Even if it is not licensed in your country, you can be sure that they are complying with the laws.


These are the kinds of events that the BetPokiesCom team follows. And these are the kind of free options we offer our visitors. Our team writes about it. As you can see - the task is not easy and there are many pitfalls. That is why we need someone who will write competently and knowledgeably. We are looking for such an employee!

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15 september 2022
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