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For more than 25 years we have established a value-based management model in the Human Resource sector, based on three key pillars:

People, innovation and service excellence.

In Eurofirms Group, the first national Human Resources company, we completed the 2019 exercise with a turnover of more than 437 million euros in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Chile.

This growth on the ground is due to the positive trend that our company has registered during the last few years, as well as being a technological company and committed to the value-based management model, one of the reasons why we have become a referent of quality in the Human Resources sector, consolidating a proprietary business model that puts people and their best interests in the first place to obtain the best results. The main service of Eurofirms Group is the recruitment, selection, training and provision of temporary workers to companies in all sectors, an activity that has surpassed 220,000 hires during 2019, a figure that represents an average of more than 20,000 active workers day.

Our portfolio of services is complemented with other lines of business such as the selection of personal executive profiles and intermediate orders through Claire Joster, the outsourcing of services under its Inneria brand, professional training and development through Talent Savior, the marketplace of employment through the mobile job search platform CornerJob and the normalization of people with disabilities, the latter carried out by the Eurofirms Fund.


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22 Novembre 2023
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Partecipazione: Online