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Deep Vision Consulting is a talented team of engineers and computer scientists with the common passion for computer vision. We're committed to see real challenges turning into solutions and love to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Deep Vision Consulting covers the whole spectrum of computer vision projects, dealing with sensors (2D sensors: visible and IR spectrum, thermal, hyperspectral, 3D sensors: stereo, tof, lidar, profilometers), optics, image processing, 3D and computational geometry, machine learning and deep learning. In addition Deep Vision Consulting is specialized in strategic and complementary topics to computer vision, such as optimizations for embedded systems (Arm CortexA and Neon extensions, Arm CortexM, neural/convolutional accelerators from Analog Devices, Intel, Nxp, Xilinx), robotics (cartesian and 6-Dof arms), simulations (Unity3D, Farming simulator), augmented reality (Varjio, HTC Vive).

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