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Company Council in engineering and economic development, since 11 years in the realization of projects with Latin America, Bustamante International has the vocation to advise the students and graduates to entry into professional life. Recognized in consulting to companies in Latin America, Bustamante international has know-how in the domain and cultivates the difference with a management model developed around human values. Would you like to carry out a mission or a training integrating you into a dynamic structure on a human scale and in a friendly atmosphere? Are you passionate about Latin American culture and would you like to learn or practice your Spanish? Join us to realize a mission or an internship.

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Field mission and direct interface with your manager, you will apply the knowledge acquired during your training in the analysis of a problem, the technical conception, the implementation of a project or proposal of possible solutions in the following areas:


Engineering & Applied Sciences:

  • Biology, biotechnology, chemistry, health sciences, agronomy.
  • Architecture, civil engineering, environment, territory development.
  • Mathematics, statistics, physics, geology.
  • New Energies, electricity and energy, mechanical, automatic.
  •  Production, quality, processes, project management.


Social sciences, political and economics:

  • Communication, Public and International relations, marketing, foreign trade, export-import, tourism and hotel industry.
  • Economy, social development, democracy and governance.
  • Humanitarian projects, development aid, international cooperation.


Asked qualifications: Student, PhD student or graduate. Working language: Spanish, English, or French. On site, we can train you in Spanish. Application: Please send us your application (CV + cover letter ) by email or contact us by phone. Workplace: Latin America.

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