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Portuguese  Authority whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of systems and methodologies for innovation, prevention and inspection, aiming the improvement of working conditions.


​​It is the mission of the Authority for Working Conditions to contribute to the promotion of improved working conditions through:

  • ​monitoring compliance with labor standards, within the scope of private labor relations;
  • promotion of professional risk prevention policies;
  • control of compliance with legislation relating to safety and health at work, in all sectors of activity and in the services and bodies of the public administration.


  • Monitor compliance with legal, regulatory and conventional provisions regarding labor relations and occupational health and safety in all sectors  of economic activity, with the exception of public administration; 
  • Promote awareness-raising actions and provide information about labor relations and respective associations ; 
  • Promote the implementation of public policies on safety, health and well-being at work;
  • Support public and private entities in identifying professional risks, applying prevention measures and organizing safety,  health and well-being atwork;
  •  Disseminate information and ensure the technical treatment of processes relating to the international alert system for the safety and health of workers, as well as national  representation in international bodies;
  • Prevent and combat child labor, in conjunction with the various government departments .

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22 Novembre 2023
Partecipazione: Online
22 Novembre 2022
Partecipazione: Online