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Living in Denmark

Find your next job in Denmark
Esemény dátuma:
20 június 2024
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Are you ready for your next career step? Then join us on June 20, when EURES Denmark will host an online job fair. During this event, you can learn all about what it is like to live in Denmark. We will show you lots of Expat stories from internationals whom have taken the step before you, we will show you around Denmark and of course, we will also tell you where you can find open positions in Denmark, and what to know before arriving regarding registration and authorisation. And of course, you can browse through all the vacant positions posted by Danish companies.

In this event, companies will not participate. Instead, you can use this event to chat with advisers from Denmark, who will do their very best to guide you on your way to your next job in Denmark.

Remember to check back occasionally, as companies will be posting vacancies until the event day. 

You might be thinking, “Is it possible to land a job by attending?” and the answer is YES. Click the link to read about José from Spain, who got a job in Denmark by attending one of our previous job fairs.


What do expats say about living in Denmark?

"Denmark is simply the best place to be when it comes to
cutting edge technology and advancement within robotics.
I had offers from several countries, but chose Denmark
because of the work/life balance and the
opportunity to advance in my career."
- Aljaz Kramberger, Slovenian Associate Professor, Dr. Ing. working at the University of Southern Denmark


"The flexible work schedule, flat hierarchy, and good life-work balance. The fact you can finish work around 16 gives you lots of free time in the evening for meeting friends or hobbies"
- Alex Espuñes Juberó, a Spanish Geologist working at Rambøll


"the salary gives you all of the opportunities for having a good life. Denmark is expensive, but the salary is high too, and you have enough money to be independent, to pay for all of your expenses and still have money to travel, go out, and have fun! The work-life-balance is just better! "
- Blanka-Erika Nagy, Romanian nurse working at Lillebælt Hospital