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Work in Denmark – Destination West Zealand

Find your next job in Denmark
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02 október 2024
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Kalundborg - Denmark

Denmark is full of incredible spots, but Kalundborg is a real gem – an awesome place to call home, to work, or to study. With around 49,000 friendly faces already living here, there's still plenty of room for more in this growing community. Whether you're on the lookout for that dream job, an affordable home, breathtaking nature, family-friendly beaches, tasty local eats, wineries, cultural vibes, or a dose of medieval history – we've got the whole package!

Kalundborg is more than just a place; it's a welcoming community with fantastic networks and lots of exciting activities for the whole family. Whatever tickles your fancy, you'll probably find it here.

Living here has its perks, especially if you're close to work. Imagine having extra time for family, hobbies, or sports. Picture sipping that second cup of coffee in the morning, waving your kids off to school, and saving money by skipping the long commutes. And hey, guess what? Kalundborg is just an hour's drive from the buzzing capital city of Copenhagen!

Kalundborg - The Biotech City

Ever heard of the Biotech City? Yep, that's us – Kalundborg, a driving force in Denmark's growth, especially within biotechnological production.

We proudly host the world's largest insulin production plant, the biggest enzyme production plant, and we lead the way with our world leading industrial symbiosis. But wait, there's more! We've got a bunch of smaller companies, startups, a lively education hub, and a unique community all working together to make our local environment even better.

Kalundborg - Find your dream job

We're not slowing down, and neither is the growth in Kalundborg municipality.

Opportunities to snag your dream job or level up your career are aplenty. Unemployment is low across the board, whether you're into biotech, aged care, construction, administration, or sales – public or private, we've got jobs waiting for you.

Check out the job fair where you can explore jobs in:

  • Life Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction (skilled and highly qualified)
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • IT/Technology
  • And many more!

We'd love to welcome you to Kalundborg and hope to see you at the upcoming fair. Cheers to new adventures! 

Find jobs in Kalundborg here.

Kalundborg - Find your next education

The fair is not only for jobseekers. You can also find out more about studying in Kalundborg.

Kalundborg is a bourgeoning educational hub. You can choose from a variety of programs at different institutions, ranging from agricultural schools to universities of applied sciences, engineering schools, Helix Lab, and the architecture school. And more are on the way.

Many of these educations are unique to Kalundborg and are handpicked because of the strong collaboration between educational institutions and local businesses. The sense of community and cross-disciplinary collaboration makes an education in Kalundborg something special.

Come to the fair and chat directly with representatives from the educational institutions and settlement consultants from the municipality of Kalundborg.

Find out more about Kalundborg here.