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Are you curious about a new life in northern Sweden? Skellefteå offers a wonderful opportunity to those looking to emigrate to Sweden to enjoy a higher quality of lifestyle.

For those considering a new start or the next chapter of their lives, we can help you fulfil your dream of living in northern Sweden. Obviously, there are a lot of things to consider when you  are thinking about making the big decision of moving to a new country.

Arrival Skellefteå will help you when interested in moving to Skellefteå - how is the city of Skellefteå and it's surroundings? How do I find somewhere to live? Where do I find information about schools or pre-schools for my children? What types of companies do I find in Skellefteå?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information! Visit our website or take the chance to chat with us today!


Hot jobs

Please visit our pages to find out more about jobs in Skellefteå: Work in Sweden - Skellefteå.se - Ge idéerna plats (

Event participation(s)

21 október 2021
Részvétel: Online
Részvétel: Online