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AA1 Bulgaria is a leading provider of communications, payment and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions. Offering mobile and fixed services, high speed broadband internet, satellite TV, own interactive TV platform, four sport channels under the MAX Sport brand, financial services, ICT, cloud, and IoT solutions, A1 Bulgaria achieved revenues of 486,2 million Euros by year end 2019 and EBITDA was EUR 179.4 million.

Almost 3,600 employees and state of the art broadband infrastructure make digital business and lifestyle possible and enable people and companies to connect everywhere anytime. A1 Bulgaria has a fiber network of over 17 000 km and modern infrastructure which covers 72 big cities and 133 smaller populated centres. In 2020 A1 launches the first fifth generation network in Bulgaria that uses 5G frequencies and 5G base stations. As of 01.11.2020, the mobile 4G network covers 99.43% of the population of Bulgaria, while the 4.5G network covers 91.3% of all people in Bulgaria.

The company offers a complete portfolio of ITS, ICT, cloud and hosting solutions that are scalable for business of all sizes – from SOHO and SMBs to the enterprise and public sector. А1 has two data centres in Bulgaria and platform for digital solutions.

The company is part of A1 Group –a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions, as well as integrated business solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with around 25 million customers, currently operating in seven countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Slovenia, the Republic of North Macedonia (A1) and the Republic of Serbia (Vip mobile). A1 Group’s revenues in 2019 amounted to 4.57 Euros billion and its EBITDA was 1.56 billion Euros. As European unit of América Móvil - one of the largest wireless services provider in the world, A1 Group is headquartered in Vienna and gives access to global solutions.

A1 has a consistent CSR policy and is among the biggest benefactors in Bulgaria, supporting a number of significant social causes, as well as projects in the fields of culture, education and sports.

A1 values highly trust and loyalty and considers them to be the foundation of all interactions between the company and its clients, partners, investors and employees. As part A1 Group, A1 Bulgaria complies strictly with all legal regulations, as well as moral principles. You can learn more about the company’s compliance policy here .

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