Company name – Swappie – speaks for itself:

Swappie takes the used phones, swap the old and broken parts in them for new ones and make the products ready for their new life on the market.

Your role as a production specialist is to do exactly that. The handling of the phones, diagnostics, cleaning, repairing, sorting, packaging and quality assurance are all on the list of your daily tasks. Even if the work itself sounds complicated you don’t actually need any previous experience as our coaches will teach you all the magic.

You will be performing the following tasks:

 - Activating and diagnosing all the incoming phones (Inbound)

 - Repairing faulty iPhones and their parts, such as screen, battery, ear speaker replacements, etc (Repair)

 - Fulfilling and preparing orders for shipment, packing and installing accessories (Outbound)

Company  offer

 First a Production Specialist, then an Expert or a Coach – why not a Team Lead? As Swappie itself is rapidly growing, you’re welcome to join the ride and develop from a production specialist to a coach and beyond.

Besides your daily tasks, keeping an eye on all the new joiners and helping them reach their next milestone gives you a really great sense of achievement. As the growth opportunities are laid out in front of you, it’s easy to find the motivation to jump right in.

 Energetic and collaborative team.

Finding yourself surrounded with fun, approachable and hard-working people in the workroom you cannot help but feel like you belong.

The stress-free English-speaking atmosphere with a shared vision and goals makes the Swappie team a wonderful international community you’re proud to be a part of!

i-Phone discounts and exclusive offers - drinks, snacks and fruit in the office.

A step towards a greener future Swappie is an innovator of the consumer electronics world – a unique company where you can make your contribution to reducing the ecological footprint of electronics. We give new life to old phones and allow them another round of usage.

Visa requirements: You must have a valid residence permit and a right to work in Estonia

Application should be submitted in English

Job restrictions

Visa requirements: You must have a valid residence permit and a right to work in Estonia

Job details
Occupation field:
Work experience:
Work experience is not required
Number of positions:
Date of expiry:
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