Would you like to work in northern, weatlthy countries in the forefront of energy technology? Do you have background working in a factory, and you would like to do something else for a change?

This job advert is an open ended application, where you can inform about your eagerness for change. All we want is to hear from your background and your interest to see, if we can build a team where everyone fits.

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Job requirements

We would like you to have 10+ years of experience. E.g. paper mills, food, chemicals, electronics, concentrator, leaching, oil, and gas production or smelters, Or maybe you have training as an operator from industrial high schools? Please provide some background in your  CV.

It would be nice also if you can read process drawings, and electrical drawings and you have experience regarding control room environment.


Nice to have

Ability to speak nordic language(s) is a plus. Long experience from industrial processes is very nice.


Please provide your salary request in the application.

Job details
Work experience:
Work experience is not required
Language skills:
  • English
  • Very good
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About company

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