Finoka is a recruitment office, that helps you to gain access to the Finnish job market and to the Finnish society. We help help employers and employees to find each other without any hassle.

You can be outside EU, or in EU. That doesn't matter. Our skilled professionals are capable of arranging the necessary documentation, no matter where you come from. 

We do not only seek professionals from the jobs listed below, but welcome all new interested people to come and ask whether we can find a suitable solution for you too. The best thing about FINOKA is that we have outstanding experience on finding and filing correct forms and documents that you need to fill in when entering Finland. 

We actively map the current needs of Finnish employers and find the best suitable employees abroad and within Finland. Our focus in on outside European Union.

We also help you to find affordable accommodation and a ride to your new workplace - this is something that can be seen uncommon. We really look after you and your wellbeing.

Finoka is an auxiliary company of Holsti Forest Oy, who currently employs over 100 workers, seasonal and non-seasonal.

Hot jobs

Factory workers,

Assembly workers,


agricultural workers,

CNC millers,

dressmakers/sewers, cobblers, shoemakers,

forestry workers

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