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Job offer description

In the past you liked to work on scooters, motors or maybe even drones. And when an electrical device in you home stopt working, you were the first person who finds the sollution. Starting with these basics, your education and your own experience, you have managed to develop into a great engineer. You believe it is a challenge to think of new creative ways to solve technical problems. Does this sound familliar? Than you could be a good fit in the im | innovating team. 


What a typical workday looks like:

 You start your workday with a cup of coffee together with your colleages. After this you start working on your own project. You translate the solution (thought of by yourself) to the machine and assemble drawings. You keep being involved in your own designs. From the written quotation till the installations of the machines. 

In the afternoon a customer visit is scheduled where you start the preperation of the meeting. For this customer you have made a new design of a machine that you are going to discuss. If a machine is ready to depart, you manage the transportation to this specific customer. You are not only a engineer, bur also the ambassador of im | innovating. 

With your pro-active attitude, drive and customer focus, you contribute to the further development of the machines in tanneries and serveral industries. Both within the im | innovating organisation and at international/ national customers. 

Other tasks belonging to your function can be: 

  • You are responsible for our prestations regarding the technical execution of our projects. 
  • You also make sure everything is realised within the given planning and budget in which you will have a crucial roll within our team on locations. 
  • When visiting a customer you will install, maintain or adjust the industrial machines. 
  • Your roll as senior electical engineer is also to check and test the machines and analyse the malfunctions on an electronic level. 
  • You guide colleages in a coaching way, so also our junior electrical engineers can develop their skills. 
  • You keep youself up to date regarding the newest developments of electronics and industrial automation. 
  • In addition, you are an ambassador of im | innovating. Both towards the customer aswell as the team.
Job requirements
  • Finished education in Electronics or mechatronics.
  • At least 3 - 5 years of experience.
  • You posses a great understanding of the English language.
  • You like to travel
  • Available for at least 38 hours a week.
  • You are able to work as a team but also individually. 
  • We like to help impriove your development. This includes giving classes.
  • Futhermore, you dare to take risks and know how to get started.

You are the person your colleages come to to discuss points about electronics. You like thinking of solutions in an analytic way. It is easy for you to work carefully and accurately. You are flexible when it comes to the agreed goals. You like thinking of new creative ways to perfect your work. You are able to look at your own work and the work of others in a critical yet constructive way. The investigation of assumptions and their evaluation makes you a driven employee.

Nice to have

Understanding the Geman language

Understanding the Dutch language

  • You are entitled to 25 days of vacation
  • Salary is up for discussion. It will fit perfectly with your skills, experience, education and function.
  • Very fun and friendly colleages
  • Own tools
  • Telephone
  • Company car or travel allowance
  • courses 
Job details
Occupation field:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Up to 2 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Very good
Required skills:
adapt communication style according to recipient, keep updated on innovations in various business fields
Salary range (Monthly):
2500 - 4500 EUR (Gross pay)
Date of expiry:
Link for more information:

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