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04 October 2024
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Overview on Career Opportunities within the Big Science Market

Career Opportunities in the Big Science Market:

these roles encompass positions within Big Science Organizations and various entities operating within the Big Science Market, including SMEs, entrepreneurs, and industries. Educational backgrounds range from technicians, associate's or bachelor's degrees for entry-level positions to master's or doctoral degrees for advanced roles. Continuous learning, professional development, and practical experience are essential for career progression in this dynamic sector, where technological innovation and scientific advancement are paramount.

  1. Scientists and Researchers:
    • Physicists
    • Astronomers
    • Materials Scientists
    • Biologists (in relevant fields like astrobiology)
    • Chemists (especially in materials science and environmental research)
    • Data Scientists and Computational Biologists
  2. Engineers and Technologists:
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Aerospace Engineers
    • Materials Engineers
    • Software Engineers
    • Control Systems Engineers
  3. Technicians and Technical Support:
    • Laboratory Technicians
    • Instrumentation Technicians
    • Engineering Technicians
    • Electronics Technicians
    • Mechanical Technicians
    • IT Support Specialists
  4. Advanced Technologists:
    • Photonics Engineers
    • Superconducting Magnet Specialists
    • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Experts
    • Laser Technicians
    • Optics Specialists
    • Vacuum Technology Specialists
  5. Environmental and Earth Sciences:
    • Environmental Engineers
    • Geoscientists
    • Climate Scientists
    • Atmospheric Scientists
    • Oceanographers
    • Remote Sensing Specialists
  6. Management, Administration, and Support Roles:
    • Project Managers
    • Research Administrators
    • Business Development Managers
    • Communications Specialists
    • Legal Advisors
    • Human Resources Managers
  7. Business and Industry Liaison:
    • Technology Transfer Specialists
    • Industry Engagement Managers
    • Partnership Development Officers
    • Grant Managers
    • Contract Negotiators
    • Compliance Officers


…but these are only a few examples of what Big Science Organizations & Industry need!