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Bienvenidos a Irlanda 2023

Career opportunities in Hospitality and Childcare
Event date:
10 October 2023
Event type:
Online / Onsite
Event venue:
Avenida Juan XXIII nº 82. 29005, Málaga, Spain
Registration status:

Information for Jobseekers: how to participate in this online/ onsite event.

We will host on online information session on 27th September to explain how to participate in this event, apply for jobs/confirm and attend your online/ onsite interview and to answer any questions that you may have ahead of the event. 

We will email a link to the webinar to everyone who registers for this event. 

1. In order to participate in this recruitment event, you need to register in advance of the event.  

2. Apply for posted jobs in advance of the event! 

You can now browse and apply for jobs that match your profile, make contact with employers and book one or more job interviews. Make sure that you upload your CV in English. Interviews with employers will be taking place on 10th October (onsite in Malaga and online).

REMEMBER: Registering for this event and uploading your CV is not enough. If you want employers to view your CV and be able to invite you for an interview, you must apply for the job vacancy directly and before the day of the event. 

3. Attend your scheduled interviews.

Companies may invite you for one or more online or onsite interviews.  In the case where you are pre-selected, you will get a notification by the employer(s) on possible timeslots for the interview, to which you should answer as quickly as possible.

Log in to   regularly to check if you have any interview invitations pending and check your email . Confirm your availability for online or onsite interview. Check ‘How to join a job interview’ on your dashboard when you log in to  

On the day of the event – log in and join your virtual interview or arrive on time for your interview in Malaga.

Onsite event and onsite interviews will take place in Malaga:

Dirección Provincial del Servicio Andaluz de Empleo en Málaga.

Avenida Juan XXIII nº 82, post code: 29005, Málaga

9.30 am – 4pm

You will be asked to present ID document If you want to attend the event/ interviews in Malaga.

If you are invited to attend an interview in Malaga, you can apply for TMS interview grant to cover the cost of your travel (for those travelling more than 50 km and with a scheduled onsite interview on 10th October).

You need to request a TMS application form BEFORE you travel.

 Contact   for more information.   

The following companies will be present in Malaga:


4. On 10th October, you can join us (onsite or online) for some great presentations and chats with exhibitors! 

Presentations will include: *Employers presentations; *Financial supports available for you if you relocate for work to Ireland; *Presentation on various aspects of Living and Working in Ireland. You can also interact and ask questions to the presenters via live chat.  

During the event, employers and EURES Advisers will be available online on a chat to answer your questions. If you don't have any pre-set interviews, this may be still your chance to get more information on job requirements and to apply for jobs of some interest to you. 

If you have any questions before the event, you can contact EURES Spain at:  


You can still apply for jobs until 8pm today

You can still apply for jobs advertised for this event today, 10th October & until 8pm (CEST). Employers may still invite you for a job interview in the coming days following this event.

Thank you all for participating in the live event today!

Make sure that you upload your CV in English and apply for any suitable positions before the day of the event.

63 job offers = 304 positions are now available to apply for and more will be uploaded in the coming days. Make sure that you upload your CV in English and apply for any suitable positions before the day of the event. Employers can only view your CV and invite you for an interview if you apply for their jobs.

Registration for jobseekers is now open!

You can now register for Bienvenidos a Irlanda event and apply for over 200 available positions in hospitality and childcare. 

For jobseekers who would like to have more information on the event and how to participate, we will host on online information session on 27th September.

If you have any questions, register for this event and will email you the link to the online meeting in the coming weeks.