BCT is an innovative company manufacturing precision mechanical components. Our parts are used in automotive, various machine manufacture, medical rehabilitation devices and energy industries.

The main machining processes of the company include milling and turning on the modern programmable (CNC) machines. For full set production, the company performs additional operations on universal machines, gas billet cutting, welding, processing of sheet metal parts, painting and assembly operations. The production has been optimised for processing of single pieces and small batches of steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic parts.  

Organisation details
Contact details:

Legal name: Baltec CNC Technologies, UAB

Company ID: 110856022

VAT ID: LT108560219


Address: Raudondvario pl. 148, LT-47175 Kaunas, Lithuania

Tel: +370 37 314630

Fax: +370 37 314631


Sales: orders@bct-parts.com 




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