When we took over Äkäskero in 1993 we found an idyllic location, but one which would need quite some work doing on it to make it perfect. Not only the Lodge had to be renovated but also the surrounding environment. We have tried to make Äkäskero a place that preserves the original Lapland feeling for our guests and visitors. We deliberately decided not to modernize everything. We want to be different to the usual tourist centers with their noisy, round the clock activities, parties and commerciality. Instead, we offer our guests a genuine nature experience right in the middle of a beautiful national park.

In order to offer our guests various options by which they can discover and experience Lapland, we have developed a wide programme of activities. In winter, of course, the focus is on our sledge dog center. In summer the main activities are riding, hiking and canoeing. Respect for nature and gentle use of resources is our central theme. We are committed to maintaining the environment, even if this can sometimes be disadvantageous and often brings us into conflict with the State Forestry. We believe that we have an obligation towards our environment and that the beauty of Lapland should be preserved for future generations.

As our guests come mainly from central europe, this gives us the opportunity to respond specifically to all their needs and make them feel comfortable during their stay with us.

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