Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres are quality childcare facilities with 10 branches spanning across Galway and Clare. Specialising in crèche, pre-school, after-school, and day-care services for kids aged 6 months to 12 years, we pride ourselves on offering a fun and safe environment for your little ones to thrive in.

With a team of fully-qualified and experienced childcare workers on hand in our Clare & Galway Creche facilities, we provide unparalleled care and support to all children in our care, offering an extensive range of age-appropriate activities to help them to grow, mature, socialise, and get the most from their time at Spraoi & Sonas.

From role-play and dress-up to arts and crafts, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and general play, we focus on helping your child to develop socialisation skills, communication skills, and motor skills to last a lifetime. With after-school and day-care services also available across many of our Clare & Galway branches, we offer older kids an equally fun environment where inclusivity, socialisation, and fun are at its heart.

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23 February 2023
Irish Recruitment Day in Seville
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