Smart Hire IT is destined to revolutionise Technical Talent Acquisition in the Nordics – the continent’s most advanced digital economy; Europe’s “Silicon Valley”. From the beginning of the global pandemic where the global economy suffered, Smart Hire IT strived and served businesses with great success – creating jobs and supporting businesses in transforming life as we know it. From tech jobs in Swedentech jobs in Norwaytech jobs in Finland we have tech jobs across the Nordics.

Today Smart Hire IT serves IT professionals advancing their careers in a partnership with many tech companies who aim at making life better and easier. With us, IT professionals will have a smooth and positive career advancement experience, and companies will flourish by having a unique talent source of passive candidates like no one else.

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Maria Stathopoulou
Senior Talent Specialist
Smart Hire IT Nordics

Sweden: (+46) 8 559 25 278
Norway: (+47) 913 66 584
Profile: Senior Talent Specialist
LinkedIn: Maria Stathopoulou
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