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Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one of Finland's biggest and most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences. Our campuses are located in three lively locations in Finland: Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. We train future experts in six different fields of education

  • business
  • health care and social services
  • natural resources
  • technology
  • tourism and hospitality
  • design, music and dance


In addition to nearly 8000 students, Savonia actively serves the surrounding business life, which enables both teaching and learning to be close to working life. The key success factors in our operations are wide-ranging cooperation, networking and internationality.

We have over 600 employees. In Savonia you can work in a multidisciplinary manner in teaching, research, development and innovation activities as well as in higher education services. In Savonia, you work as part of a competent team and in supervisory work, we emphasize the support provided in everyday work. In Savonia people want to do their best to achieve common goals.

We value equality and diversity in our work community. With responsible management, we want to enable meaningful and productive work in one of the best workplaces in Finland. At Savonia, the competence development and well-being of our personnel is very important. This is the way how we want to lead the way in creating a work culture where well-being is built on trust, community and meaningful work. Our four insights for building a good workplace are:

A strong sense of community carries through change

"Open atmosphere and willingness to cooperate"

"A spirit of working together"

"Savonia’s ‘we’ spirit"

Trust is the most important resource of a good workplace

"An open and trustworthy atmosphere"

"Immediacy between management and colleagues alike"

"Staff are given the opportunity to develop their work in a way that suits them"

Making impactful and important work visible

"The wider social relevance of work"

"The experience of being seen, heard and appreciated"

A low-confrontation working community

"In everyday life, general questions of how you are, interest in the person, appreciation of the employee"

"Relaxed company culture, genuine presence, support and back-up in difficult situations"

"Management has a genuine desire to do their best to promote a good workplace culture."


Savonia has achieved Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces 2024 acknowledgement. Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces acknowledgement is given to Finnish organisations that achieve outstanding results in the PeoplePower® employee survey carried out by Eezy Flow.


In 2023 Savonia was ranked 1st in the series of large companies in the Finland’s Best Workplaces survey and 14th in the series of large companies in the Europe’s Best Workplaces survey. Great Place to Work®, a global organization specializing in corporate culture analytics has surveyed more than 100 million employees and helped organizations around the world identify and build trust-based business cultures.

Hot jobs

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You can join the Savonia Talent Community here

In the talent community, we bring together talented people who are interested in working with us at Savonia. When you join our talent community, you are also submitting an open application to work at Savonia. We use the talent community to look for diverse talents for Savonia’s varied positions in teaching, research, development and innovation, as well as higher education services. We look for talented people from the talent community for a variety of positions with varying durations of employment. Through the talent community, we can also invite you to our future recruitments. We use the talent community to keep in touch with potential future employees.

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