Saule Technologies, founded in 2014, is one of the first enterprises developing the process of manufacturing perovskite photovoltaic modules.

The company has pioneered the application of ink-jet printing for the fabrication of flexible, lightweight, perovskite solar modules. Saule Technologies has well-equipped facilities, with a wide range of deposition and characterization tools at disposal. Currently, there are 6 laboratories in operation with 2 of them having cleanroom conditions as well as controlled temperature and humidity levels. Saule Technologies is a team of more than 40 scientists from 15 countries, working in one of the most advanced optoelectronics laboratories in Europe. The company has extensive know-how about ink-jet printing and the related pre- and post-processing methods. Saule has also developed a robust encapsulation method, that enables the moisture sensitive perovskite solar cells to operate underwater. Since the demonstration of the first ink-jet printed perovskite layer in 2014, the company has developed functional, fully ink-jet printed perovskite solar cells, and has launched the first perovskite PV pilot manufacturing line in May 2021.

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